Many people want to know more about my background and what brought me to Orthodoxy. I am a convert. When I was Roman Catholic, I lived on the same block as Holy Family Ukrainian Catholic Church and this was my exposure to the Byzantine Rite and I am extremely grateful to the parish for this.

Let's get the record straight. I am not an African American. I am an American. I have very little interest in Africa. Although I am black and Orthodox, I am not Ethiopian. Please don't insult my Ethiopian brothers and sisters by calling me one of them. It is also insult to me because the person who insist that I must be Ethiopian is denying me the ability to make my own decisions.

Also, most black Americans who shoe size is higher than their IQ do not like the term "African American." It is a very offensive, politically correct term. I am at least a fourth generation American with absolutely no ties to nor interest in Africa.

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